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May, 2014

Lectured for tax accountants who want to start up their business.

“How to hire an ideal staffs for your firm.”

December 2013

Introduced as an Japanese tax professional who can communicate in English in “Japan Startup Guide 2013”

October 2013

Lectured in Tokyo on behalf of ESSAM KK for tax accountants.

“How to set up your business as an tax accountant.”

September 2013 – August 2014

Serialized an essay for readers who want to be an tax accountant.


Lectured in Osaka on behalf of ESSAM KK.

“Let’s become a winner as an tax accountant.”

September, 2013

Interviewed by Nikkei newspaper.

“Tax saving for investment of foreign real estate.”

August, 2013

Lectured in Sendai on behalf of ESSAM KK.

“Let’s become a winner as an tax accountant.”

July, 2013

Lectured in Tokyo on behalf of ESSAM KK.

“Let’s become a winner as an tax accountant.”

June, 2013

Lectured at Tokyo CPA Association’s Shibuya Block Conference.

“Tax Treatments for expats who Work Overseas.”

June, 2013

Interviewed by popular women’s magazine, “DRESS,” for their feature on Female Entrepreneurs in Japan.

January, 2013

Featured in Kansai University of Foreign Languages website.

December, 2012

DVD, produced by BIZUP SOKEN KK, goes on sale.

“Salaries for Expatriates.”

December, 2012

Lectured at ESSAM KK.

“Basics for International Tax Accounting.”

October, 2012

DVD, produced by ACCS Consulting Co. Ltd., goes on sale.

“International Tax for Tax Accountants.”

September 2012

Interviewed for issue 26 of Tax Accounting Industry News published by ACCS Consulting Co. Ltd.

“Tax Accountant specializing in international taxation matters”

August 2012

The Tax Accountant Blog (written by Kaori Fuchi) was presented in Taxation Institute of Japan's website Zei-no-machi (Town taxation).

July 2012

An article was published in the July issue of Accountant Course magazine.

“Journal of starting up my own business”

June 2012

Lectured at Launching in Hong Kong Seminar sponsored by Mikanbako Co. Ltd.

“Tax related points to keep in mind when incorporating a company in Hong Kong”

January 2012

Interviewed by Keiko-to-Manabu published by Recruit.

"Qualifications which are really useful for women.”

October 2011

DVD was put on sale from TAC Co. Ltd.

“Essential Basic International Taxation Matters that Accountants and Tax Accountants must know”

July 2011

Interviewed in yoga website Hello Yoga.

“Pointers on taxation for people working in yoga related business; Revealed by a Tax Accountant”

April 2011

Appointed as Overseas Business Development Support Advisor by Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises under Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

March 2011

Lectured at Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountant's Association Shibuya Block Conference.


“Introduction to International Taxation for Tax Accountants”

February 2011

Lectured at Yaesu branch school of TAC Co. Ltd.

“Tax Accountants that are in demand! A business person speaks of the current situation of Tax Accountants”

February 2011

Held seminar The Road to Success: Overseas Expansion of Smaller Business.

Was in charge of Introduction to International Taxation.

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