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Rika Kasahara, Finance, ISOFOTON JAPAN Co., Ltd

Spanish company who manufacturers solar panels

We are a Spanish manufacturer producing solar panels. In March this year, we incorporated the company in Japan and since we had to start from scratch, a lot of things were new to us. Ms. Fuchi was introduced to us by our social security consultant. She is also fluent in English so she has no problem communicating with my boss who doesn’t speak much Japanese. And she always answers carefully and politely to even the most trivial things that we are not sure about. We find her to be a very dependable tax consultant who is fluent in English and knows overseas as well as Japanese tax systems.


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Yasuhiro Doi, Representative Director & President, First Design Inc.

Construction company who owns foreign subsidiaries

I met Ms. Fuchi on the recommendation of a client.She has a firm grasp of the current state of the monthly accounting and audits, and the future direction and advice we have received are linked to a sense of security. I feel reassured in managing the company, but am also grateful for the advice and guidance I receive from many different angles.
When we set up a foreign subsidiary, her shrewd advice has been an enormous support for us.
Not relying on accounting software, with email and on the phone I can meet her directly for a consultation, and apart from accounting I have gained much insight from her on matters such as insurance.

First Design Inc.

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Kenjiro Miyazaki, Operation Manager, Two Dogs holdings Co., Ltd

Managed a beer restaurant in Roppongi

She had introduced by a friend of our representative.

Both English and Japanese explanations are clear and empathetic.
I feel comfortable when Ms. Fuchi explains the Japanese Tax System to the details in English as our owner is a foreigner. They support us in various situations.

Two Dogs holdings Co., Ltd

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Mami Takahashi, Operation Manager, Jake Dyson Products Co., Ltd

UK company (Related company of Dyson) who produces lighting devices

We are UK company who imports lighting products and wholesales in Japan.
We felt confident by reading their business content on the homepage.

They always give us courteous advice when there are some questions. They look after even unique companies like us very well. We realise that it is useful that our office is in the same building as them.
I recommend them to foreign people who are thinking of establishing a business in Japan. Their blog is quite useful for Japanese too.

Jake Dyson Products Co., Ltd

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Mitchell Kobayashi, BELLEZZA ITALIANA Co., Ltd

Italy company who imports organic cosmetics

Our director is Italian so needed to have meetings in English.
They can provide the necessary company accounting documentation efficiently. In case we are unclear about anything, we can consult them any time.All the staff members are very reliable.If you speak to them once, you will know that!


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Yoko Yamashita, Representative Director, Vetinnov Japan Co., Ltd

Import company in France producing and selling pets foods

KAORI FUCHI Tax and Consulting was recommended as a tax accountant who can communicate in English by the person who helped us to establish our company.
Ms. Fuchi can communicate with the CEO in our France headquarters. She gives us good advice on tax and accounting. In addition, the staff members are friendly and it is easy to ask questions.
Ms. Fuchi's consultation is very helpful for a small foreign company which has just established in Japan. We recommend them because of their knowledge of tax, accounting, English ability and kind staff members.

Vetinnov Japan Co., Ltd

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International health and development assignments and projects in Asia and Africa

NICHIKO LLC in Japan was established in 2013 and manages international health and development assignments and projects in Asia and Africa.

First impression, before our meeting, was good accessibility in English as we were moving to Japan from England; and good experience in multi-national and Japanese tax systems. After the first meeting it was obvious that we had made the right decision.
Based on what services we have used so far we have found them to be responsive and supportive. For us also very helpful because of the bilingual capabilities.


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Basler AG

Reading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial applications in Germany

Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial applications, medical devices, traffic systems, and the video surveillance market. Our products offer easy integration, compact size, and a very strong price/performance ratio. These characteristics are the decisive factors allowing Basler to hold a leading position in the GigE Vision arena.

We asked them on recommendation from E&Y Tax, Japan.
We are very pleased with the swift action and flexibility shown.
I cannot feel thing of any area we would like to improve on.

Basler AG

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Paul Sebastian Ziegler, CEO, Japanese Branch of Reflare UG

German provider of IT security and development services

Ms. Fuchi was recommended to us by our lawyer.
Very straight forward, competent and able to adapt to our changing needs.
Our situation as a small international company brings a large number of unique challenges with it. The team has always handled our requests quickly and competently.

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CEO, Japanese Branch of US travel agency

Japanese branch of US travel agency

KAORI FUCHI Tax and Consulting was recommended by an administrative scrivener.They have a lot of knowledge of foreign companies and taxation.
Being consulted to the details by standing from our position empathically.
They provide full services and helpful information for the foreign companies that establish a business in Japan.

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Tokuji Iuchi, President, Tokyo Cinema Academy Co., Ltd

Film production

KAORI FUCHI Tax and Consulting was recommended by an administrative scrivener.
We can communicate well. And all staff members are very responsive and reliable.
We want to develop this professional and good relationship each other.

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Helder Congo, TEXCO

Trading company

TEXCO is a young trading company.

The staff is very dedicated, professional and bilingual providing personalized and quality services at a low cost and in a timely manner.
I'm very satisfied with their services and would recommend Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting to anyone doing or planning to set up business in Japan.

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Joseph Tame, CEO, Wild Tame Co., Ltd

Media Production Company

The company was incorporated in 2011. The main services we provide are coordination of digital events (such as live images from mobile devices) and social media marketing. Kaori was recommended to me from a friend. My friend was already a client of Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting and was very satisfied by the services. Kaori has acted as a guide during the company incorporation process and helped me a lot. Since then, she has also been handling our tax matters.

It’s great to be able to concentrate on our business without worrying about tax matters. I would strongly recommend Kaori to anybody who wants to start business in Japan. And for those who already have businesses in Japan, she gives sensible advices on how to handle Japanese tax matters. Kaori gives good advice in clear and understandable English yet charges reasonable fee so that’s a great help as well.

Wild Tame

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Angela Ortiz, Director, O.G.A. FOR AID

A corporation set up in March 2011 to aid the Eastern Japan Earthquake's reconstruction efforts

We are doing everything we can to help the victims of the catastrophe get back to their feet as quickly as possible. Because of Kaori’s professional response and her own wish to help with the Tohoku’s reconstruction effort, we have asked her to handle our tax returns. We are really glad to have met her. She always provides help promptly on all things, including some legal matters. Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting is a professional yet friendly office, and provides necessarily information on timely basis. Because we can leave the tax matters to her, we have been able to concentrate on our main work. This has helped us a lot.


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Dylan Robertson, CEO, Pure Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Yoga and Web producing company

I used Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting for both my individual and corporate tax returns. She gave me personalized service with comprehensive consulting, and made herself available to meet with me to explain everything I needed to know. She was also willing to adopt new technologies such as DropBox, which made things convenient for us both. I would recommend Kaori for any individual or business looking for quality tax accounting services.

Pure Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Bob Carr, Representative Director, Genie LLC

English school in Azabu

More than anything, we are grateful that she understands English. Kaori is very kind and works very carefully. Her work has been faultless.
Kaori not only understands English and Japanese, but is very good at communicating. She is very dynamic and responds quickly. She provides the necessary information precisely. She and her assistants all provide professional work and I am very satisfied with them.


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Junko Okazaki, Representative Director, Scandinavian Wave Co., Ltd

Importing and sales of designed products from Sweden to Japanese retail stores

We also act as conduit between our parent company in Stockholm and clients in Japan, helping various projects relating to Japan and Sweden.

Since we lacked the basic knowledge regarding doing business across two countries such as Japan and Sweden, we were looking for a tax accounting office that can provide international tax advice in Japanese and English. The previous office we were using did not really provide either detailed or careful services, and we were having communication issues as well on numerous occasions. So we came to Ms. Fuchi looking for a new tax accounting office which can improve upon the situation. She always gives us easily understandable explanations, and we are happy with her very precise services. We are grateful that she provides necessary services suited to our actual situation at each instances, at a reasonable service. We are a small company that only recently incorporated, but Ms. Fuchi believes in our future possibilities and supports us to the best of her ability.

We would like to strongly recommend this office which is comfortable with English, knows international tax and can provide detailed and careful services matching each client's needs, which you cannot get anywhere else!

Scandinavian Wave Co., Ltd

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Vadim Zendejas, Representative Director, Cavea Co., Ltd

Software company with a high quality IT technologies

We provide our services in Europe such as Germany, and we pride ourselves in providing one of the most professional and advanced service in Japan. Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting provides bilingual as well as professional service, which is utterly splendid. We recommend Kaori’s service as tax consultant. Her being a bilingual who understands English and Japanese, as well as her attitude as an expert had been a great help handling our tax matters.

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Representative Director, French exporting company

French exporting company

We were introduced to Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting from a trusted attorney in Tokyo. She has been supporting us from immediately after our incorporation in Japan, and we are really grateful to her. Kaori is very amicable and friendly, yet does a really professional work. We would strongly recommend Kaori. Because she works fast, is solicitous of her client and provides high quality services.

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Wayne Pittaway, Managing Director, Augustus corporation

Legal consulting company

Kaori is only one of a handful of independent tax accountants in Tokyo that are genuinely fluent in English and have a "Big4" firm background. She is professional, personable and very good at explaining the intricacies of Japanese tax law, regulation and practice, in simple plain English ? that makes her a very valuable resource.

Augustus corporation

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