Modest fees

Our fees vary accordingly to the complexity of the business, degree of difficulty and amount of work required. Please see below for a general indication of our fees. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate.


Schedule of fees

For Both Companies and Individuals

Tax Consulting 50,000 yen / 60 min.
Preparation for Corporate Tax returns Support annual financial statements and tax returns according to Japanese regulations. From 528,000yen
Tax and Accounting Services Monthly book review and Tax advice on-call service From 55,000yen per month
Second Opinion Services From 55,000yen per month
Bookkeeping Services From 55,000yen per month
Payroll Services From 33,000yen per month
Tax Audit/Tax Investigation For Company: 607,200yen(up to 23hours) For Individual: 363,000yen(up to 15hours) Please contact us for an estimate.
Tax Return Review We can provide a quote according to the contents.

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Individual Tax Return Charge Rate

Services Fee including tax
Basic fee (depending on your total income) ~ 30,000,000yen 151,800 Yen
30,000,001 ~ 40,000,000yen 176,000 Yen
40,000,001 ~50,000,000yen 192,500 Yen
50,000,001 ~ 220,000 Yen
Business income From 71,500 Yen
Income from Real Estate in Japan From 44,000 Yen
Income from Real Estate in Foreign countries From 60,500 Yen
Dividend income ~ 500,000 Yen 22,000 Yen
500,001 Yen ~ From 33,000 Yen
Interest income ~ 500,000 Yen 22,000 Yen
500,001 Yen ~ From 33,000 Yen
Retirement income From 38,500 Yen
Stock Option treatment From 60,500 Yen
Capital Gain from Investment ~ 10 transactions 22,000 Yen
11 ~ 50 transactions 44,000 Yen
51 transactions ~ From 77,000 Yen
Capital Gain for Real Estate From 77,000 Yen
Other income We Estimate
Tax Representative for Non-resident 44,000 Yen
Statement for Non-permanent Residents 27,500 Yen
Statements of the assets and liabilities 36,300 Yen
Statements of overseas assets 36,300 Yen
Analysis of remittance tax 66,000 Yen
Income deduction
Deduction for Casualty Losses 24,200 Yen
Deduction for Medical Expenses* From 11,000 Yen
Deduction from Donations* From 11,000 Yen
*We assume Client provide us the summary. If Client want to give us receipts (not summary), our fee is 330yen/receipt.
Tax credit
Foreign Tax Credit for US citizen 71,500 Yen
Foreign Tax Credit for non-US citizen 38,500 Yen
Special Tax Credit for House Loan 55,000 Yen for first year (after second year 16,500 Yen)

EX: When you have salary income (20 million), Dividend income (150,000yen), Interest income(500,100yen)

Basic fee

151,800 Yen

Dividend income

22,000 Yen

Interest income

33,000 Yen


206,800 Yen

Please feel free to contact us for further details or a initial consultation.