※Our consultation service is now provided by online system- Skype/Zoom/Phone/Email to prevend from spreading COVID-19.

    We are afraid we don’t provide free consultation and it will be appreciated if you would use our consulting service if you wish to have our consulting.


    * Please add our domain, @kaori-fuchi.com to your safe/approved sender list.

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    Service Policy
    1. In respect of our consulting services (“Services”), the following fees shall be payable:
      (1) 40,000 yen (44,000yen incl.tax) for the first one hour
      (2) 6,600 yen (7,260yen incl.tax) per 10 minutes after one hour past.
    2. We will send your invoice via email. Fees are payable by credit card and due no later than 48 hours of before the scheduled meeting.
    3. Clients are permitted to take notes during the consultation, however, audio and video recording are prohibited.
    4. If research is required beyond the scope of our standard Services, we are happy to conduct additional research with additional fees. For simple requests requiring no more than 15 minutes of research, no additional fees will be incurred.
    5. If Client has any additional queries after the Services regarding the contents of the Services,  We are happy to answer them with additional charge of 6,600 yen (7,260yen incl.tax) per 10 minutes. However, we answer only one time without additional charges.
    6. Our comments are based on the information which Client provides, Japanese income tax law and other authorities in effect on the date of the Services. We are not responsible to update our comments regarding changes in law or interpretation after the date of the Services. We assume no responsibility for providing any assurance for the accordance with the Japan tax authorities in respect of accuracy, integrity, fitness for purpose of the contents, or any other matter in the contents of the Services; we assume no responsibility for any damages arising out from any action or inaction based on the Services.
    7. We agree to keep the Client’s confidential information secret unless laws required otherwise.

    I hereby agree with above