Companies Voice

Koichiro Munemura , Managing Director , AB Dynamics G.K.

British global company who supplies most trusted automotive test systems.

AB Dynamics G.K.

AB Dynamics is UK company who supplies integrated test systems for the global automotive industry and we are a subsidiary of AB Dynamics Plc and import and sell the products to Japanese customers and calibrate equipment after delivery.

Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting was introduced to us by UK headquarter. We are very satisfied with their friendly and speedy response. Their paperless communication using the cloud has resulted in simplification of our work and makes us happy. We confidently recommend Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting that foreign companies can trust and entrust everything.

Paul Pugh, Founder + Chief Designer , Airline Design

Product design and innovation firm serving companies in Japan and North America.

Airline Design

Airline Design is a product design and innovation firm serving companies in Japan and North America.
The firm is led by Paul Pugh, a respected designer of over 30 years with experience developing products for some of the world’s top consumer brands.
We are an international firm we need an accounting partner that understands the regions we operate in. Additionally, as a foreign owned firm operating in Japan, we needed guidance and a strategic hand on how to navigate the Japanese system and keep our firm in compliance. We look at them as an extension of our business.
They are always available to help and explain things to us in both Japanese and English. They are always looking ahead and preparing our business for the future. Fuchi-san and her team have been very proactive during Covid-19 to help us understand what policies and financial relief may be available for our business. This has been very helpful to us.

Fumie Tomita, Finance, Ascent Development Services

Drug development support service company who has bases in Asian countries.

Ascent Development Services

We provide clinical development and consulting service for support of pharmaceutical development business.
As we have some overseas subsidiaries and branches, we were looking for the accountant who can provide not only domestic tax service, but also international tax services.
When I had the initial meeting with Fuchi san, I found all her team can provide professional services.
Although I was not familiar with tax and accounting so much, I was able to properly proceed with bookkeeping work with professional advice. I feel very satisfied to working with them where I can feel free to ask about company management, not only international tax treatment.

Koichi Hayama, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Japan K.K.

Danish global company who develop the offshore wind power.


We are a Japanese subsidiary of a global wind power generation company in Denmark and a 50-50 joint venture of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Danish Vestas Wind Systems.
The financial office from Denmark had come to Tokyo and had meeting with Kaori’s team in 2018. Then, they decided to ask Kaori for our tax and accounting.
They provide us one-stop service for not only tax treatment, but also accounting and social insurance affairs.
We are very grateful for their service. Kaori and her staff are all professional and friendly. We are always happy to work with them.

Atsuko Germano Nakamori , Representative , mickeynet Inc.

Japanese branch of US travel agency

mickeynet Inc.

We are US travel company and established Japan branch in 2013 and asked Kaori Fuchi Tax and consulting for our accounting/tax/payroll.
Kaori and her team always provide useful professional information and give advises which is tailored to our situation. We are very satisfied with their response which are very friendly and sincerely.

Chieko Hamamura , Representative, Eco Brand Japan K.K.

Secondhand brand-name products exporting company

We are a French origin export company started in 2010. We purchase used brand products in Japan and export them all over the world. We are growing every year and hold now several related companies in Europe and Asian countries.
French owner had a long relationship with Kaori. We also wanted to work with a reliable partner who can speak English. When we have any questions regarding tax and accounting, all team members can always answer as professionals. All her team is very kind and we are always counting on them.

David Marriott, Managing Director, The MLC Group G.K.

Recruiting services with an extensive network, deep industry knowledge.

The MLC Group G.K.

The MLC Group was established in 2014. We provide recruiting services, specializing in helping non-Japanese companies find the best talent in Japan.
We cover three industries; 1. Healthcare 2. IT 3. Industrial (Automotive)
The firm was established to create a work environment of Meliority; the state of being `better`.Continuous improvement. Both employees and stakeholders in MLC are passionate about being better; helping companies to secure higher quality candidates and candidates to have more rewarding lives for themselves and their families.

I needed a Japanese accounting firm who could support our business and be able to communicate with me in English.
I contacted Kaori-Fuchi because the firm projected a sense of professionalism, and credibility.
I chose to work with Kaori-Fuchi because I felt comfortable to work together. I could trust the firm.
I am very pleased to have found Kaori Fuchi.
Easy to work with together, good communication and timely feedback.
Well organized and are proactive to let me know in advance about things I need to be aware of and do.

I am happy to recommend Kaori Fuchi to anyone who is seeking a first time accounting and advisory service, and to anyone changing from their existing firm.

Kazutoshi Michisu, Representative ,  Marici

A company doing product development and for web systems and mobile applications.


We are engaged in product development and contract development work for web systems, smartphone applications, etc. Recently, we have also been developing solutions that incorporate video conferencing systems.

After our former accounting staff retired, I was confused because our accounting was not working well.
Then, I consulted with one of my friend Kaori Fuchi.

As she provided a good advice and we were able to successfully normalize the accounting internal system.
I think all staffs respond promptly and politely.

Sasaguchi, Finance, Sai Maa Japan K.K.

A company that plans and manages events and seminars.

Sai Maa Japan K.K.

We plan and manage events and seminars and distribute on the internet.
Our shareholders are non-residents in Japan and there are affiliated companies in the US. Then, there are many complicated cross-border transactions.
As Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting is specializing in international tax and tax accounting services for foreign companies, we had decided to change the accountant for us.
All Kaori’s team can provide us a professional service including tax/payroll/accounting to us. Whenever we have any questions, they can reply us by email or phone promptly. They can communicate to US accountant directly and it is very helpful. We are very happy that they are very kind and respectful working with us.

James O’Donoghue, President , In-House Advisory Group

Legal consulting company with offices in New York and Tokyo

In-House Advisory Group

I operate a legal consulting company with offices in New York and Tokyo. We assist Japanese companies involved in US litigation and regulatory investigations.
We receive the following services, Monthly Bookkeeping, annual corporate and consumption tax filing.
Japan’s taxation system is exceedingly complex and specialized, requiring a high degree of relevant experience and expertise.
Despite the scores of multinational corporations operating in Tokyo, there is a shortage of bi-lingual international accounting experts who are accessible to small and medium size companies. Smaller Japanese accounting firms typically consist rules-based practitioners who adhere to a rigid formula that comports to Japanese law without optimizing solutions for international clients. Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting offers an indispensable service to multinational clients in need of tailored solutions to maximize their taxation opportunities. Kaori Fuchi brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and dexterity in crafting tax and accounting strategies for her clients.

Phillip Dale, Country Manager, Allied Vision

German company who manufacture and sell industrial camera

Allied Vision

We had a very positive experience with their service in a previous business case, so when the need to find a service provider for Japan again came up, there was only one company we considered: Kaori Fuchi Tax&Consulting
We are very happy with the quality of the service provided by the friendly a reliable team at Kaori Fuchi Tax&Consulting. We always get quick responses, which are both accurate and insightful
We are hoping to incorporate our entity in Japan soon, and have confidence in Kaori Fuchi Tax&Consulting to guide us through this process.

Aoide Interactive Co., Ltd.

Planning, development and sale of Game, and Web builder.

Aoide Interactive Co., Ltd.

Since our work uses both English and Japanese, we felt that a bilingual accounting firm would best suit our needs.
The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff makes it easy to maintain good communication on a regular basis even though we are located in Osaka. We also were able to request that the e-Tax system be used to pay all applicable taxes; having the firm take care of that has significantly streamlined our tax paying process.

Yusuke Kuwahawa, FAE Manager , Kontron Asia Inc.

German company who manufacture and sell industrial computers

Kontron Asia Inc.

We manufacture and sell embedded computers used in robots and network equipment.
It is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, the second largest company in this field in the world.
We receive the following services, Monthly advisory service, monthly bookkeeper and report to headquarters in English, payroll, corporate tax and consumption tax return.
We have no accounting knowledge, and We need to communicate in English with the accounting manager of the head office. That’s why we asked Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting to communicate in English directly with the accounting manager of the head office.
It was greatly appreciated that Kaori’s quick response to detailed matters, such as explaining the audit at the headquarters and the difference in accounting interpretation.

Rika Kasahara, Finance, ISOFOTON JAPAN Co., Ltd

Spanish company who manufacturers solar panels


We are a Spanish manufacturer producing solar panels. In March this year, we incorporated the company in Japan and since we had to start from scratch, a lot of things were new to us. Ms. Fuchi was introduced to us by our social security consultant. She is also fluent in English so she has no problem communicating with my boss who doesn’t speak much Japanese. And she always answers carefully and politely to even the most trivial things that we are not sure about. We find her to be a very dependable tax consultant who is fluent in English and knows overseas as well as Japanese tax systems.

Yasuhiro Doi, Representative Director & President, First Design Inc.

Construction company who owns foreign subsidiaries

First Design Inc.

I met Ms. Fuchi on the recommendation of a client.She has a firm grasp of the current state of the monthly accounting and audits, and the future direction and advice we have received are linked to a sense of security. I feel reassured in managing the company, but am also grateful for the advice and guidance I receive from many different angles.

When we set up a foreign subsidiary, her shrewd advice has been an enormous support for us.

Not relying on accounting software, with email and on the phone I can meet her directly for a consultation, and apart from accounting I have gained much insight from her on matters such as insurance.

Kenjiro Miyazaki, Operation Manager, Two Dogs holdings Co., Ltd

Managed a beer restaurant in Roppongi

Two Dogs holdings Co., Ltd

She had introduced by a friend of our representative.

Both English and Japanese explanations are clear and empathetic.

I feel comfortable when Ms. Fuchi explains the Japanese Tax System to the details in English as our owner is a foreigner. They support us in various situations.

Mitchell Kobayashi, BELLEZZA ITALIANA Co., Ltd

Italy company who imports organic cosmetics


Our director is Italian so needed to have meetings in English.

They can provide the necessary company accounting documentation efficiently. In case we are unclear about anything, we can consult them any time.All the staff members are very reliable.If you speak to them once, you will know that!


International health and development assignments and projects in Asia and Africa


NICHIKO LLC in Japan was established in 2013 and manages international health and development assignments and projects in Asia and Africa.

First impression, before our meeting, was good accessibility in English as we were moving to Japan from England; and good experience in multi-national and Japanese tax systems. After the first meeting it was obvious that we had made the right decision.

Based on what services we have used so far we have found them to be responsive and supportive. For us also very helpful because of the bilingual capabilities.

Angela Ortiz, Director, O.G.A. FOR AID

A corporation set up in March 2011 to aid the Eastern Japan Earthquake’s reconstruction efforts


We are doing everything we can to help the victims of the catastrophe get back to their feet as quickly as possible. Because of Kaori’s professional response and her own wish to help with the Tohoku’s reconstruction effort, we have asked her to handle our tax returns. We are really glad to have met her. She always provides help promptly on all things, including some legal matters. Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting is a professional yet friendly office, and provides necessarily information on timely basis. Because we can leave the tax matters to her, we have been able to concentrate on our main work. This has helped us a lot.

Yan Shi Representative Director , Unearby Limited

Developing social apps on mobile platforms in Hong Kong.

Unearby Limited

Since we need a tax representative to file consumption tax return for us in Japan, we asked Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting. They are very good and We are satisfied with a professional service.

Michael Cheng , Representative , As One International G.K.

Automotive and IT Business Consulting

We are Automotive and IT Business Consulting firm.
I was looking for English speaking accounting services and when I used the individual tax consultation service, I felt it was professional and the follow up communication made me comfortable. We are very satisfied with the progress and initiative to help the client. Although it has only been a few months using services, I expect the good service to continue.

Magnus Damm, Representative Director , bitflip Co., Ltd.

Software development and sales company

We picked Kaori Fuchi Tax&Consulting to allow smooth communication in multiple languages.

In detail, we started out by doing most of the heavy lifting by ourselves and mainly relied on Kaori Fuchi-san for various kinds of calculation and reporting of tax. From there we’ve also relied on her and her team for advice related to common business practice in Japan.

Things are going well and to reduce our work load we are these days freeing our time by depending more on Kaori Fuchi-san and her team.

Individuals Voice

L.Q. working in Tokyo

Expatriate for a major US apparel manufacturer

I requested help on my Japanese income tax return. I came to Japan as an expatriate of a foreign company, so I knew nothing about Japanese tax systems.
Kaori not only speaks English, but understands what is important to foreigners. She has been a great help to me, as she does everything professionally and promptly. I intend to ask Kaori to take care of my tax matters for the duration of my stay in Japan. Thank you Kaori and I really appreciate it.

Ansel Simpson

Managing an English Coaching & Consulting company in Japan

The Socratic Review

The Socratic Review improves your English communication skill, advances the client’s ability powerfully, effectively and rapidly, and is the only Coaching & Consulting company in Japan that guarantees the goal achievement in English communication skill improvement.

Kaori was recommended to us by one of her clients. Kaori always provides the necessary information promptly. She responds to mails very quickly as well. She talks to the tax office for us to lead the discussions to the right direction. I think that for foreigners doing business in Japan, a quick response is very important. Japanese business practice is at a somewhat different pace to that of Western countries, but her prompt response is always of great help.

David France

Yoga instructor


I work as yoga instructor, body work therapist, and physical therapist. As an American needing to do tax return in Japan, I needed somebody who can advice me about this. Kaori was really kind! Dealing with tax matters in a foreign country in foreign language has been like walking in a dark jungle. It caused me a great stress and fear, but everything was made clear and I was really relieved. It was really reassuring to have somebody explain in English.

June Chin, Portico Financial Inc.

Tax Control, Investment Control and Asset Control on Properties

Portico Financial Inc.

We chose Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting because we felt they offer high quality service to their clients. We also ask the office to act as our administrator of tax payment. Working with Kaori has been a good learning experience for us. She speaks fluent English and therefore can communicate with us properly.

Ken Hanawa

Owner of oversea real estates

I met Ms. Fuchi in July 2011. I own several assets (rental properties) in USA as I lived in USA for a long time, so when I immigrated to Japan I needed advice regarding their treatment in tax return. I got an impression that she grasps client’s need very quickly and provides precise advice. I consulted Ms. Fuchi as a tax accountant with knowledge on international tax matters, and she appeared to have had experiences in variety of cases and has answered to the contents of my consultation very accurately. I assume there had been a thorough preparation behind it. She also followed up after the meeting, and I am really grateful for her sincere handling of my case.

Professionals Voice

Katsuya Watanabe, Partner and Tax Accountant,
Quality One TAX Co.

Manages own accounting office, works as tax accountant who does more tax review than a tax inspector

Quality One TAX Co.

Ms. Fuchi has helped me with cases such as a soccer player’s international tax consulting, corporation’s international tax consulting, and incorporation of a company in foreign country. She exchanges information with accounting firms in Asian locations such as Hong Kong, and I admire how up to date she is in various matters. She had a career in a major tax firm and her work is very thorough – I imagine all the clients are satisfied with her work.

In this day and age, globalization is common even for small scale companies. I am sure tax accountants like Ms. Fuchi, who is flexible, has ample knowledge and information on global taxation matters, and whose work is very thorough are in great demand going forward.

Kenichi Kishi, Partner and Tax Accountant,Very Best TAX Co.

Tax accountant

Very Best TAX Co.

In a nutshell, Ms. Fuchi is a simple and innocent woman! She’s good at making those around her have fun.

Yet when it comes to work, she has an extremely diligent side, and thinks about everything very seriously. She works so seriously that I advise her to “take it easy!”

Ms.Fuchi’s strong point is in international taxation. Please have peace of mind and leave it to her. Actually, even our office asks Ms. Fuchi for advice on matters of international taxation! Thank you as always!

Kengo Maekawa, Group CEO, Shiodome Partners Group


Shiodome Partners Group

Ms. Fuchi has a wealth of knowledge on accounting and taxation, and moreover explains that knowledge in a way that is very easy to understand.

Because she has experience with both a private accounting office and major accounting firms, she has resolved the problems of many clients, from small to medium enterprises to large companies.

When I too have difficult taxation problems, I have the privilege to receive her consultation which is a great help. I am looking forward to future developments.

Yoko Mashima, Representative Notary Public, June Advisors Group

Manages notary public office specialized on handling foreigners’ affairs

June Advisors Group

Ms. Fuchi is very dynamic, participating in variety of activities and is expanding her scope to overseas. She is also full of ideas, and extremely fast in turning those ideas into reality. So working with her is very stimulating. Most of my clients are from overseas, and even in the present environment where a tax accountant who can properly explain to client in English is scarce, I can introduce Ms. Fuchi to my client with sense of confidence.

Ayano Morimoto, Representative Judicial Scrivener, M.D. Law Office

Provides legal service across boarders

M.D.Law Office

People might have image of a tax accountant as a difficult person, but Ms. Fuchi is always cheerful; I have never seen her in a bad mood.

It is not hard to imagine that clients find it easy to ask for help from her.

As our office cater to foreign companies and foreigners living in Japan, it is great to have Ms. Fuchi who can cheerfully answer questions on international taxation system and questions asked in English, so we rely on her a lot.

Miyuki Tsuboi, Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant, Representative Director, HR Advisory Services

Works as social security consultant and supports business start-ups by foreigners

HR Advisory Services

I met Ms. Fuchi at a pan-industry social event discussing special topic of “globalization”, held at Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among the many companies that claims to be “supporting global business”, I felt Ms. Fuchi’s tax and consulting was the one with the most guts and that I could cooperate with her in business immediately.

Soon after our encounter, I had a case where Ms. Fuchi assisted as an emergency help.

The first meeting with a Spanish company that has launched its renewable energy business in Japan recently and knew nothing about Japan took over four hours, but Ms. Fuchi was flexible in her handling of the meeting, and explained about the Japanese taxation system very patiently.

The client was grateful for her amiable stance as well, and so the company became the first common client between Ms. Fuchi and my office. Our relationship has continued thus to the present.

The detailed services that a major accounting firm couldn’t provide, the customized service, and the thoroughly client first stance are something I aim for as well, so I look forward to doing more business with her in the future. Dedicated and kind, she is a tax accountant I would recommend.