Providing Assurance for Global Businesses

A significant number of foreigners and foreign companies are establishing businesses in Japan these days. Aside from the “Big Four” firms, few international tax and accounting specialists can advise their clients in English. Proper tax treatment and preparation for overseas transactions is vital to a company’s success and development. Our mission is to dispel the fears and trepidation surrounding these transactions, and to provide assurance to anyone engaged in business on a global scale. We strive to provide optimal tax treatment and accounting solutions to support all your cross-border ventures.



In order to provide high quality services surpassing our clients’ expectations, we are continuously improving our professional skills, enhancing our capabilities with the utmost diligence and enthusiasm. We welcome challenging work and embrace any opportunity to broaden our knowledge base.


We believe honesty is indispensable in business. With customers, suppliers, employees and society at large, we prize honesty and candor, always putting forth our best efforts in all our endeavors.


We provide excellent service through collaboration as team, not as individuals. We share information and act with implicit trust and mutual respect for one another. Through the prism of these shared values, we work together seamlessly, reaping tremendous enjoyment from serving our clients with passion and genuine concern.

Message from Kaori Fuchi

We have provided specialized international tax and accounting services in English since I began our company in 2010, and have grown in capacity and expertise with our clients.

When I started the company, I didn’t have a single client, and was deeply concerned about business development. I am immensely grateful for the success we have attained, having growing incrementally through referrals and introductions from our clients.

We do not pursue scale. Our core priority is to maintain our proven standard of excellence for our clients, through singular dedication and stellar teamwork.

We crafted our mission, “Providing Assurance for Global Businesses”, to ensure our success is contingent upon the success of our clients’ international business activities. Unlike the “Big Four” firms, I am honored to be known as the “familiar tax accountant who is dedicated to supporting your business”

Representative : Kaori Fuchi (Certified Tax Accountant)

・Born in Osaka

・Graduated from Kansai University of Foreign Languages

・Completed Master Degree in Law at Doshisha University


Worked for Northwest Airlines for several years before becoming a tax accountant.
Before working for Ernst & Young, worked for a privately held accounting office.
At Ernst & Young, experienced working at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Specialized in international tax reform.
December 2010, Established Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting.
April 2013, Established Orange Accounting Co., Ltd in Tokyo. (Providing bookkeeping and payroll services for foreign companies in Tokyo, Japan)

Interests & Hobbies

・Yoga   My interest in yoga grew from a casual hobby to an eventual teaching certification in India. Yoga has allowed me to find balance in my busy lifestyle.

・Piano   Began learning in kindergarten and have been playing ever since.

・Theatre   Joined the Theater Society while studying at university.

・Sports   Skiing and scuba diving.

Our Member

Yukako Ito

Manager/Tax Accountant

Born in the city of Chigasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. After working for Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, and assuming the role of a housewife, I took up the challenge of becoming a certified tax accountant. After obtaining a tax accountant license, I worked at a small accounting firm, and became a specialist in corporate tax returns. I am determined to acquire knowledge on a wide range of topics and to serve as a trusted tax accountant and confidant to our clients.

Takae Aiura

Passed exam for book-keeping/financial statement theory (a part of tax accountant exam)

Born in Yamaguchi prefecture. After working on system development at a bank and being a housewife, I joined the KAORI FUCHI tax and consulting firm in 2015. My primary responsibilities entail payroll and accounting, utilizing my knowledge and experience of book-keeping and financial statement theory.

I always do my best to serve clients with accuracy, efficiency, and understanding.

Seishi Murakami

Registered as a Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant

Born in Hiroshima prefecture. I joined the KAORI FUCHI tax and consulting firm after working as a sales manager for French and Netherlandic manufacturers. I am mainly in charge of individual tax returns. As a registered as a small and medium enterprise consultant, I aim to support foreign companies starting businesses in Japan, and contribute to their growth and development.

Masami Kuramoto

Passed exam for bookkeeping/financial statement theory (a part of tax accountant exam)

Born in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. After working for a bank then concentrating on long-term childcare, I joined the KAORI FUCHI tax and consulting firm in June 2018. I am primarily in charge of book-keeping and related administrative tasks. I always work with sincerity and diligence. I aim to continue advancing myself and develop my skills in order to more ably support our clients.


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