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For Non-Japanese Speakers Doing Business in Japan

For International Tax Services and English Accounting KAORI FUCHI Tax and Consulting / KAORI FUCHI TAX AND CONSULTING


Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting is renowned for providing professional and client-friendly services such as tax consulting and tax compliance services to mainly foreign companies and individuals.

For many foreign companies, the Japanese tax system and regulations can be complex and difficult to understand. Our company offers full tax and accounting services so that foreign businesses can concentrate on their operations. We also offer responsive and efficient services such as bookkeeping and payroll.


  • 【Point1】Tax Treatment for Expats in Japan
  • 【Point2】Tax and Accounting for Foreign companies
  • 【Point3】Support for foreigners doing business in Japan

Have you experienced the following problems?

  • Your accountant is unable to give you advice in English regarding your taxes or accounts
  • Huge fees charged by large accounting firms
  • You don't know the legal/tax requirements connected with doing international business, leaving yourself open to problems in the future

Our 3 key points

Explanations in Plain English
Our certified tax accountant has a great deal of experience in international tax and English accounting. We will explain everything you need to know according to Japanese law in plain English, giving you the confidence you need to expand your business here.
Personal & Friendly Support
Unlike large accounting firms, we adopt a personal, friendly attitude when dealing with our clients, and are flexible in adapting to individual circumstances and needs.
Risk Management
Recent years have seen an increase in the number of individuals and companies incurring heavy penalties having been unaware of the correct  tax requirements. We work with our clients to ensure that they don't get caught out, and only pay what they need to pay.

Partner: Kaori Fuchi Certified Tax Accountant

  • Born in Osaka
  • Graduated from Kansai University of Foreign Languages
  • Completed Master Degree in Law at Doshisha University


Worked for Northwest Airlines for several years before becoming a tax accountant.

Before Working for Ernst & Young, worked for a privately held accounting office. At Ernst & Young, experienced working at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Specialized in international tax reform.

December 2010, Established Kaori Fuchi Tax & Consulting.

November 2012, Established Orange Bridge Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. (Providing tax and accounting services in Hong Kong)

April 2013, Established Orange Accounting Co., Ltd in Tokyo. (Providing bookkeeping and payroll services for foreign companies in Tokyo, Japan)

Message from Kaori Fuchi

My main strength is treating customers with sincerity and with courtesy. "It's been really great to have met such courteous a tax advisor who can explain everything in English." Comments like these make me feel happy and motivate me to serve our clients even better.

Unlike experts from large firms, I am happy to be known as the ‘familiar’ tax advisor who is dedicated to supporting your business. This I see as the mission of my life.

Interests & Hobbies

My interest in yoga grew from a casual hobby to an eventual teaching certification in India. Yoga has allowed me to find balance in my busy lifestyle.
Began learning in kindergarten and have been playing ever since!
Joined the Theater Society while studying at university.
Skiing and scuba diving.

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Employee 5 peoples ( Tax accountant 2 people, Small&Medium-sized enterprises consultant 1 person )

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